Here’s a little update about the vineyard. I guess we’ll have to think of a name for the place before too long. The vines at first were not particularly thriving and we realised that they really were not getting enough water. We have not put in irrigation to the vines because the decision is to dry grow them – that means that they pretty well need to survive only on any water they get from rain. But for their first one or two years they do need extra water over summer.

So given their slight weakness we decided to step up the hand watering to fortnightly. And that has really paid off. Nearly all are looking great and we have lost hardly any – in fact only six have died. Not a bad percentage from 1000 vines. And what’s more, some have already grown above the top of their guards.

super vine 1

Super vine 1 - already wrapping tendrils around the wire.


super vine 2

Super vine 2


Citrus Trees

For years we have had two citrus trees in pots. They have travelled with us to the various houses we have lived in over 12 years. One is a cumquat and the other a lemon tree. Both were gifts. The former from me to John, the latter from Kirsty, Alex and Kate. We love them both and they have faithfully produced fruit all that time. The lemon even survived a pruning to within an inch of its life when it got gall wasp one year.

A bit more recently we received another citrus as a gift – a tahitian lime tree from John’s mum. It also managed to thrive in a pot.

Anyway we have always wanted to put them in the ground. And this year we did. At the same time we added a different lemon tree to the citrus collection – a lisbon.

The poor fellows haven’t enjoyed the transplant process much. In order to help them along we have just built some wind breaks to protect them from the frequent southerlies we get and to encourage growth.


lisbon lemon tree

Here's the lisbon lemon tree (and a couple of friends) before wind break.


lime tree with screen

This is the lime tree with wind screen in place. Underneath the tree basil and oregano are planted.


two screens on citrus

Two out of four wind breaks in place - a few green-guarded acacia, eucalypts and banksia in the background.


four wind breaks on citrus

All citrus now protected from southerly winds.


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  1. Irena Dangov on February 19, 2012 8:19 pm

    I wish all my citrus was protected from southerly winds. x

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